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There is currently no fee to set-up a WorldWinner Player Account. In fact, when you do sign up to Wordwinner, they give you $5 of Practice Money to play on their site. This allows you to experience the fun of our tournaments without having to spend any of your money.

When you are ready to play for real money and merchandise, you will need to set up a Worldwinner Money Player account. You may do so by making a deposit of $5 or more. However, there is no financial commitment until you decide you want to participate in a Money tournament.

Each WorldWinner Money tournament requires a player to pay a tournament entry fee. You may use the $5 in Practice Money we give you towards those tournament entry fees. Tournament entry fees start at $0.25, and prizes often are greater than $100.

There are over 30 games, including Solitaire Rush, Word Cubes, Tile City (Maj-Jongg type game), 9 Ball Pool, Shapetris and Blackjack attack.

Worldwinner is a very exciting site with some very exciting game formats such as head to head, and games with a jsckpot, the more players that join the game the higher the jackpot becomes.

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